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Dettaglio orecchino lavorazione bicolore Galvanotec s.r.l. Dettaglio orecchino lavorazione bicolore Galvanotec s.r.l.


Galvanotec's experience in surface
finishing makes it the ideal partner
for the gold and silver manufacturing
and for the jewelry industry.

Dettaglio chiusura borsa lavorazione Galvanotec s.r.l. Dettaglio chiusura borsa lavorazione Galvanotec s.r.l.


Thanks to its many collaborations
with prestigious Italian and international
fashion firms, the company has refined
specific working processes.

Dettaglio lavorazione a mano Galvanotec s.r.l.

Bespoke processes

Each working process is agreed with the client
and structured on the basis of specific requests.
All the treatments carried out at Galvanotec
are accompanied by an accurate quality control
and are archived to ensure their perfect repeatability.

Laboratorio Galvanotec s.r.l. con telaio per lavorazioni galvaniche

Impeccable execution

Galvanotec is specialized in galvanic treatments
with the use of frames
, to ensure a quality result,
free from defects.

Trattamento galvanico a telaio Galvanotec s.r.l.

Galvanotec carries out finishing
treatments on metals such as:

Gold, Silver, Zamak,
Bronze and Brass

List of treatments
Controllo qualità Galvanotec s.r.l.

In-house research

Galvanotec S.r.l. was born in the early 70s
and it is among the leaders in the galvanic treatment
sector, with a focus on specializing in surface finishing.
The company has long equipped itself with an internal
Research Center
, now a point of reference in this field,
and an advanced Analysis Laboratory.

Dettaglio strumenti di laboratorio in Galvanotec s.r.l.

Virtuous collaborations

By collaborating with academic research centers
and accredited laboratories, the company has
been able to develop advanced technologies and
to optimize its productive processes.
That is also why it has become a primary center
for the gold and silver manufacturing sector and
for the international fashion industry.

Uomo al lavoro in Galvanotec s.r.l.

Equipment and quality control

To ensure the highest degree of excellence
for its finishes, Galvanotec uses cutting-edge
for analysis of the working processes
and internal quality control.

The equipment

Nickel plating

Copper plating

Silver plating

Rhodium plating

Platinum plating

Two-tone treatment

Yellow and rose gold plating

Rhutenium plating

Ultra black rhutenium plating

Palladium plating

Antique finish

Gunmetal treatment

Nickel-free treatment

Anti-tarnishing treatments


Fischerscope Xray, Galvanotec s.r.l.

Fischerscope Xray

An instrument to determine the composition and purity of precious metal alloys and jewelry.

Oxford X-Strata, Galvanotec s.r.l.

Oxford X-Strata

For non-destructive measurement of coating thickness and to determine the composition and purity of gold and other metal alloys.

Konica Minolta, Galvanotec s.r.l.

Konica Minolta

Spectrophotometer for color measurement of galvanic deposits.


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